Games Mind Map and Critique

Quick thing from Tuesday’s games seminar before I go into my SPP critique. We did a group brain storming session (note to the PC brigade – if you can think of a more apt term term than that for the the process then I by all means I’ll use that. But ‘mind mapping’ sounds plain daft) for a board game which I copied down. In the event of being unable to read my own writing I typed it up in a free app called FreeMind – a brilliant little program and incredibly intuitive – so I had a copy that I stood a chance of being able to decipher. I’ve uploaded a jpeg of it; feel free to save a copy if you either didn’t note it down or weren’t there.


On to the SPP task, where we have to critique a piece of work. So I took a look at my watch list on deviantART and picked out a painting called Bound Destruction by Mythori (not sure what her real name is). I am a rather big fan of her work, so a bit of bias might creep in. Also the questions from the seminar are about as useful for critiquing paintings as a bar of soap is for sketching. Consider them disregarded.

This is first and foremost a tribute to the artist Todd Lockwood (who’s a brilliant artist himself). But obviously it’s at fantasy fans and fans of dragons in particular. There’s a looseness to the artist’s style, most noticeable with the background, that, along with its desaturated browns and greys, manages to convey the sense of desolation and decay of the ‘graveyard’ far more effectively that minute detail by just hinting at objects and debris in amongst the haze. The highest point of contrast is by the dragon’s head, drawing the viewer’s eye to it. There’s a slight issue with the Rule of Thirds though, as although the head is situated on on of the vertical third lines it’s below the high point of contrast meaning my eyes are actually fixating slightly above it instead of on it. However, in a nice bit of compositional placement the pipe or whatever it is (it’s not clear) leads the eye downwards, allowing the viewer to notice the small figure at the bottom and immediately telling us the sheer size of the beast.


Creative Opportunity and GameCity

Last week Jools asked use to give an example of when knowing someone opened up a creative opportunity for us. This may be a sign of me not getting out much (considering who my peers are in my village, I think I can be forgiven for that), but it proved a lot more difficult then I thought.

I did think of one thought. Back when I started college I was showing my new friend Emily (she’s in the year above here at Uni) some of my art on a site called Media Miner (which to be frank is not the world’s greatest art site). She said I should join DeviantART and showed me her gallery there, after which she persuaded me to sign up. I can honestly say I haven’t looked back – it opened my eyes to a whole new world of artwork and spurred me on to seriously pursue art as a career.

I’m going to be attending a Games Design workshop with my sister at GameCity tomorrow from 2pm til 4pm, but we’re getting dropped off at one so we can have a look round before we go (they have Rock Band in the Square! Shame that the Zombie gathering is on while we’re at our SPP seminar). Shame we can’t really get down on Saturday, I would love to attend the BAFTA talk and see the LEGO build-a-thon. Today we managed to catch the end of a Mario Kart tournament, and see some guys being rather rowdy playing some kind of RTS (we can only assume it required voice commands). There was also a guy in an orange dog costume – which looked familiar but I can’t place it.

Light and Colour

On Tuesday we had a lecture on colour – I think I zoned out for a bit since I already know half of it (self learnt because school art teachers from my experience teach you bare minimum). Anyway, Hayley told me that the tutorial task was to find a picture that showed light and colour (or was the word ‘screamed’?) Funnily enough, I found one whilst going about my daily business on deviantART.

Annoyingly, the person who made didn’t activate the embed options, so this will have to do:

Swells by Shirosuki

No, I don’t quite get the title either.