Ever since the first LEGO Star Wars game came out, I’ve been trying to make a 3D recreation of a LEGO minifig that has the same range of movement – bendable legs, arms, hands, that sort of thing. Then I found this custom LEGO model of a Dalek by Flickr user kaptainkobold. I thought “why not?” and with the help of the LDraw library (open source virtual LEGO pieces) made a virtual version.

The result was a homage to the Doctor wailing on a Dalek with a wrench in a recent episode:

The Daleks aren’t having much luck with serving tea, are they?


Work Outside of Uni

Aside from the unsurprising amount of time I spent absorbing ridiculous amounts into my brain (damn you Wikipedia), I did do something constructive other than Uni work, if a bit sporadically.

Sorta surprised myself with just how much I pulled from my sketchbook and hard drive (memo to self – make list of stuff that needs revisiting).

Scattered amongst the dragons (hey give me a break, I hadn’t drawn any for ages) are some attempts at human figures – mainly Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, since there’s a popular concept from that series that won’t leave my brain alone (it’s from the fandom itself actually, but still annoyingly persistent) – and some sketches from an afternoon in the Arboretum next door to our Uni building; which reminded me that drawing animals is incredibly tricky since they won’t keep still. I may need to bribe the squirrels in future. With the dragon sketches, you can actually see one particular idea evolving – there are 3 sketches of the same subject; two are very similar (the computer doodle came first), one has a reworked composition.

There’s also the black and white beginnings of a map, which might be recognisable from my Showcase last year (I might post that again, I quite liked that map), and a very strange mash-up of Lemmings and Doctor Who – I drew a Lemming version of the 4th Doctor for a laugh, and now I’m working on the set.  I hope they won’t be too long with Matt Smith’s costume shots, because I need to work out how to make him a Lemming.

3D work was much of the same – the 3D minfig, of which there are two versions, one for full bones animation, the other being a virtual equivalent of a real one (I’ve inadvertently discovered WordPress’ weird way of handling galleries it seems, the images I wanted to post separately have been added to it. Oh well, you’ll just have to guess which is which from the thumbnails [good luck on that]), and a 3D Lemming. That last one was, honestly, purely for fun and done (mostly) in one afternoon. I amazed myself with how accurately I’d modelled it, because I was working purely from memory – I might rig it and see what I can do. A friend asked if I was going to make a 3D Lemming Doctor – one thing at a time mate.

Which Way To Go?

Actually that’s a bit of a dumb thing to ask, since I already know. Having discovered that the pathways are different to what we were originally told, it’s cemented my choice more for reading what they are.

Virtual Environments – I’m such a geek for this sort of thing it’s not funny. TV, movies, videogames, it doesn’t really matter. I’ve been fascinated by it since I was 10, and to be honest it’s not really changed much in 10 years.

This game I blame completely for my love of virtual world and creating them. A pure delight to play, with so much detail and nooks and crannies to explore me and my siblings wasted most of the six months it took to finish it sight-seeing. It didn’t matter that there wasn’t much of a story to the game, we ended up making our own up as we went along. So I was ecstatic when I was told of this video’s existence.

Of course it doesn’t mean that I don’t have interest in the AV side of things.

Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer

And the making of the trailer

The fake Legend of Zelda trailer, which is #1 on my list of Best April Fools Pranks Ever. A team of 20 worked on it since the last April Fool’s Day and subsequently made many fans (including a couple of my online friends) very depressed to learn it wasn’t real. I hope they’ve realised they’ve just gone and raised the bar for fanfilms.

And finally anyone with an ounce of interest in this sort of thing should visit the BBC Doctor Who site – they’re going all out this year on the behind the scenes stuff. I’d have embedded the videos but that bloody iPlayer’s a pain in the butt, it took me five restarts to watch through the first Doctor Who Confidential!