Networking – dead or alive?

Sorry – having a cold tends to scramble my brain and I completely forgot about this.

Our lecturer for SPP, Jools, said this at the end of the seminar, and asked us to say whether we disagreed with
him or not:

“The essential point of networking is human contact. Business has killed networking by making it something for the career orientated.”

I shall proceed to cut down this argument with two words:

The Internet.

If a network is just people you have contact with, then practically every internet user is connected to someone else, and the majority aren’t busines-orientated. Over the past 4 years I’ve talked to people from all over the world that I’d have never met otherwise through forums, deviantART and Livejournal – some I’ve become good friends with (which gets awkward when there’s several timezones between you), and others are more of a passing acquaintance.

On a related note, there was a bit of a disagreement over what a discussion is. Someone said that a discussion was about talking to people to reach a goal, and it ended up with some confusion over what the difference is between a discussion and a debate. Well, since my brother’s an expert on ‘talking’, I asked him to define the two:

A debate is where you take a particular view on a subject and then spend the next… how ever long you want to convincing everyone else that it’s the correct view. It’s pretty much an art form in politics.

A discussion is where people exchange ideas and opinions and potentially form new ones – here’s usually no goal in mind when a discussion is started because discussion is no different to regular conversation. And since I’m the only one in my house who can keep up with my brother when he starts talking about something, I pretty much have the discussion down to a fine art (well, I’ve got getting a word in edgeways down to a fine art anyway).

PS: Saw the newest version of Mousetrap this afternoon since our first project is design a board game.

That thing is NOT Mousetrap – where’s the bathtub and the diver and the wooden stairs? It didn’t even work when we tried it!