SPP3 – Assignment One

So, for the first assignment for SPP3 I have to find four full-time multimedia jobs, four full-time post-graduate courses, and “mock” apply (as in write out the paper work but not actually send it) to one of each.

Task A: Multimedia Jobs

This was tricky, seeing as most jobs usually ask for a couple years of experience; if you’re good at searching though, you can find ones that don’t have it listed as a firm requirement. I narrowed the results down to four via a combination of realism (no “Senior” positions for a first-time job – I learnt that when I attempted to apply for a job at Linneys Design near where I live about 4 years ago. Obviously, I am older and wiser now).

After careful consideration – and realising that the fact I don’t have a passport would be, to put it lightly, problematic (yes, I know we aren’t actually applying for these, but it’s still something to factor in considering how many jobs are overseas), I “applied” for the role of Game Artist at Playfish. Since I obviously don’t have the previous experience it lists as being a plus, I did my best to make my covering letter as interesting as possible (you’ll be glad to know that it’s a marked improvement from the last one I did – this time I actually have some idea of what I’m doing).

Task B: Post-graduate Courses

This one is somewhat unfair considering I’m an overly curious academic at heart, meaning there are a lot of courses I would be interested in studying. But I did eventually narrow it down to four.

Of the courses, I decided I would mock-apply for the Escape Studios Animation course. Not only would it make it even more likely I would get a job, the subject matter it would teach would be invaluable; I already know a lot about 3D modelling and texture, so I would really like to focus solely on the animation instead of having to construct my characters and rig them first. The downside, of course, is that it costs £8,750, and whilst the reaction of my parents would be amusing, that’s not something I’m about to tell them.

Another thing that’s come out of this:- my CV has improved ten-fold. I found the old one I had uploaded at Monster.co.uk the other day, and lets just say that it did seemrather amateurish (mind you, it did get me an interview for a position in the local paper’s main office, so it can’t have been that bad).


Awesome use of YouTube

Was watching Ed play this in our Games seminar last week and I had to blog about it.

YouTube Street Fighter

Quite possibly the greatest use of the annotations feature I’ve ever seen. Which is why it’s a direct link, otherwise it screw the flow of play up.

Wanderings in Shiltz #4 – Last Edition?

Well, this week is the deadline for our Avatar Diary, so by rights this should be the last edition of Wanderings in Shiltz – although granted it’s not exactly been weekly on the dot.

Well I’m now lvl 30, which now allows me to teleport by typing the name of the place in the message box (but the thing costs 2,000 cegel a pop – it’s cheaper trekking across the map to find the wagon driver than use that). I can now also start a Guild – if the amount of people we know signing up gets big enough I’ll set one up.

Another major difference is that my appearance has changed yet again, I’m now wearing the Viridian set of armour (finally, my defence is over 100).

Not entirely sure about the hat, but I’ve got to watch till I get to lvl 54 for the Rune Set I have my eye on so I better get used to it.

I went on a little hunt for one of the staffs on the Upstream of Mimir River map – bottom right to be precise, since the monsters that drop them are in the most inconvenient place imaginable by not being near any of the town warps. And it has very unusual trees too:

The monsters in question are the Stiff Horses – very bizarre wooden creatures not unlike Wood Golems, except they’ll come after you if they feel like it. And they have an interesting Kung Fu stance.

My favourite though has to be Afro Tree. It’s a tree with an afro (as if the name wasn’t a big enough clue) and it has a great big comb sticking out of its head.

How can you not like this little guy?

One thing that puzzles me: just what is the correct name for Lime? I only ask because:

Now I may be short sighted, but that definitely says Laim. May be a translation issue from Korean but surely it wouldn’t have been too much to change the sign, or keep the original since it was already in English.

This morning I made a trip to the rather infamous  Crude Mountain (the name, I suspect, is a gag on the developers’ part, since the map and the landscape itself is remarkably similar to Travia Valley. Since it was dark, the features pop-up that’s fairly frequent in this game caused a strange crystal structure in the distance to stick out like a sore thumb. On closer inspection I got the impression that the developers have played Final Fantasy:

Did Shiva pay a visit? It would explain the weather.

There are some large Rascal Rabbits in this area, and sheep – one kind that reminds me of a morris dancer, and the other wears a mask that looks a little dubious. But since they shoot at you  I didn’t risk taking a screengrab.

Wanderings in Shiltz #3

Some much for ‘weekly’ updates on Seal Online – Midland Rail keeps time better than I do.

One thing I learned these past two weeks – stick to the less full server. Elim on Malkuth server 1 is insane.

It’s like the local market, except this one’s actually doing decent business. In case you’re wondering, those stands are actually players, they only show properly when you get close up. It helps us lot tell them apart from regular players, but it doesn’t make it easier to find the right person.

I’m currently spending most of my time in the region of Madelin, the Circus City. It’s where all Jesters go for their equipment and skills. To get there, you cross this bridge on the far left hand side of the Upstream of Glasis River map:

(the green words say ‘[warp] to Madelin btw)

Madelin Town Square:

The Silon Forest camp and its Tower of Training:

And my new training haunt – the Adel Monastery.

The amount of time I’ve been knocked out here by the local Silky Joe the Boxers is nearly hitting double figures (you can see one right at the back in the middle of that last picture). I’ve gotten so fed up of it I’ve set a revive point in Eastern Madelin so I don’t have trek all the way back from Elim when I die.

One last thing – I’ve seen some unusual things on this game, but this one is really something else:

Am I seeing things or is that a cross between Kill Bill and some sort of strange pokemon trainer?

Wanderings in Shiltz #2

Okay, I’ve got some catching up to here. Ready…

Ayana’s changed appearance twice now from this:

to this:

(which by the way should not be confused with this similar Priest outfit: )

I’ve taken up Wood Golem hunting, basically big wooden guys that look like this:

Easy to take down with FrostBolt (one of a Mage’s offensive spells), and they don’t attack until you attack them. They also have metal cousins, the Steel Golem.

And this is as close as I dared to get to it, as they are extremely vicious and very happy to chase you halfway across the field. Ice magic doesn’t do much so only attempt a fight when in the 20’s and 30’s levels if you’re a fire mage. I also suggest having some extra Mages along with you (I speak from recent experience).

Elim has lost the Festive decoration now, but what replaces the tree is equally lovely.

The outskirts have also become greener – I swear that’s the PS Stained Glass filter being used for the grass.

That’s all I’ve needed to catch up on for now. When I actually remember, I’ll try and get a shot of the Town of Madelin, which looks like a fun fair!

Wanderings in Shiltz #1

Christmas Eve and I’ve been in the world of Shiltz for over a week now. And the whole place has been getting into the Xmas spirit – every town has a tree, and even Santa’s dropped by for a visit.

I’ve moved base to Elim, which is the capital – thankfully not that big otherwise it’d have taken me longer to find my way around (though I still take a wrong turn most times since the map doesn’t orientate to where you’re facing). The areas surrounding are not the safest for a mage at the moment, I’m not high enough a level to go off solo without being chased by the local wildlife (I had to get Hayley to come and help me with the horde of rabbits that were chasing me), but I can hold my own against a few – except the Moo Moos are still dangerous – I went through half my stock of healing items thanks to those little blighters! One thing we’ve discovered is that fame is an important factor. the more well known you are the better your options when it comes to items and quests – that’s what the ‘Beggar’ label is for. After doing some quests I’m now a ‘Brute’, which is much more preferable to ‘Expendable’ let me tell you! Although there’s still ‘Fodder’ higher up the rankings. The most fun thing about leaving Town Newbie is the varity in appearance of other players, some are adorned with wings, others are clad in armour – or in the Craftsman class’ case, gears. One even had a pumpkin for a head, which was odd since I’d just finished watching Return to Oz that morning.

I took a flying visit to two of the other towns – Zaid and Lime. Zaid is an industrial place up in the mountains and on the road to nowhere. Lime is more sparse (more of a pain to travel around if you ask me) and the inhabitants aren’t very welcoming – you have to be a member of the milita apparently.

The pictures are after the cut.

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